Liner Notes for Ends & Odds



I've always enjoyed making music with other musicians, much more than playing solo.  I guess it is the joy that is generated from unexpected interactions, spontaneity, and the discovery of new avenues of expression.

COVID pretty much ended up taking that all away, and forced me into being a solo musician for almost 2 years.  That meant digging deeper into writing and arranging my own material; and that effort has been like learning to flex a different part of my brain ... in a good way.

Most of the tracks were recorded in my daughter Sarah's old bedroom here in Kent, CT between early 2020 & mid-2022.  I used my MacbookPro, Apple's Logic software, and some basic microphones.  The basic tracks were then transferred to ProTools for re-mixing by Tracy Walton at On Deck Sound Studios in Northfield, CT - 

ALL SONGS ARRANGED and WRITTEN by GWP - © George Potts Music 2022 - All Rights Reserved

"I MEANT TO GO TO MEMPHIS" written by Rachel Harrington (used by her gracious permission)
"PEACEFUL EASY FEELING" written by Jack Tempchin
RECORDING CLEARANCE for "Peaceful Easy Feeling" by 

PRODUCED: by GWP and Tracy Walton
MIXED & MASTERED: by Tracy Walton

 Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar, HighStrung Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum & Percussion Programing
Gordon Titcomb: Mandolin
Grisha Alexiev: Drums on Bromance and Never Gonna Do It
Tracy Walton: Drums on TravelDream Motel, tweaks, squeak fixes, percussion, everything else

To Tracy Walton, for your big ears and your willingness to deal with the rabbit hole of re-mixing songs built around some pretty funky original tracks.

Gordon Titcomb - my musical Brother from a Different Mother - for your exquisite mandolin playing, and your innate ability to finish my musical sentences.

Grisha Alexiev, for your sense of style - in your drumming as well as your humor

To my sweetheart Elissa, for 5 decades of love and encouragement, and whatever it was you did to get that guy to part with that guitar .... and to Kate & Sarah, Todd & Mike, Charlotte, Wyatt, Will, Wilder and Alma.

To my Saturday Family Gaggle Clan: Mary, Lou, Charlie & my sweet Annie
To my fellow Joint Chiefs: Eliot, Louise, Diana  (
The Redwood Landing Boyz (LINK)
Wanda Houston, Jay Bradley, Scott Heth, and Charlie Tokarz - who graciously invited me into their musical lives
To my PSCW & NESR friends near & wide - especially Lydia, Mary, Gretchen, Ellis, Laurie, Catie, Susan, Butch, Steve and Don Con.
The entire Amazingrace family (see
My Wednesday Night, Thursday Night and Saturday Night open mic buddies
St Andrew's Parish, Kent, CT

And to all my songwriter friends, near and wide.
In memoriam - to Dolph Traymon, my best music teacher