In brief....

I have been making music throughout Northwestern Connecticut for many years.  After attending Lake Forest College in Illinois, I spent the early 1970's in Chicago as a founding member of the eclectic folk/jazz ensemble, REDWOOD LANDING.

I moved to rural Kent, CT in 1976, where I played bass for years with my father-in-law, the noted pianist DOLPH TRAYMON, at the iconic FIFE 'N DRUM Restaurant.

For the past 20+ years I have most often been seen performing & recording as a member of the NWCT acoustic quartet, the JOINT CHIEFS, and as a bassist accompanying singer WANDA HOUSTON. More recently, I perform as a duo with multi-instrumentalist GORDON TITCOMB, as well as in occasional trio appearances with R.A.M. - featuring Gordon and LENIE COLACINO

My first solo cd, "Ends and Odds", was released in October, 2022, and got as high as #17 on the FAI Folk Music charts ... I'm still waiting for the  check... but my instrumentals have twice won the "Best Instrumental Award" at the New England Songwriting Competition - so I guess that's something....!

(Photo by Katherine Griswold)